This website will offer people who are passionate about metal music or not, a good overview about its origins, history and current trends of the different sub-genres that one can find in this great musical category. An array of short articles will tackle some of the most popular metal music subjects, their spread and public reception, as well as what were the milestones that had a significant impact in the genre’s evolution.

As many music amateurs and aficionados might know, the spread of metal and alternative rock music was quite diverse in the past, and it still is. This aspect will be covered more in detail in the following pages, where the expansion and spread of alternative rock will be explained.

The occurrence and evolution of classic rock bands will also be explained, and their significant influence on the different rock genres that originated afterwards. Changes that took place in the rock scene during the modern era were sometimes impressive and these facts alone are interesting to everyone who wishes to learn more about metal as a musical genre and lifestyle for many.

The diversity of metal bands that have risen since the genre established itself as a great contender on the rock scene is impressive and several countries have their own cults for metal rock, such as Japan, which is a particular case that will be treated more in-depth in the upcoming pages of the website.

Comprising a true culture in some regions of the world, rock music and especially metal, has had a tremendous influence over all of its fans and this is seen in today’s philosophy and approach that all who love metal music use in their daily lives.