The Spread of Alternative Music Genres in the Past

The world of music is so developed nowadays that, as genres of all sorts are already available in the media, different styles are being born in the underground as these lines are written. Current technology allows for sharing and creating rhythms galore; the convenience of instant communication has made possible for musicians, music experts and fans from far away countries tdownload-26o get in touch with musicians of other genres and with each other in no time.

Technology has also provided everyone with new techniques to create music through various softwares, digital and even virtual instruments. Furthermore, if anyone is curious about a certain artist or genre, all they have to do is write their name in a search engine. In the era of information, the research has been made possible from home; performances are recorded and uploaded in real time, communities keep track of every upcoming event, there are a million ways to find out details and facts, entire web pages are dedicated to constantly update databases with every new artist.

This situation would have been impossible thirty years ago. On one hand, an unknown artist with no funding would’ve resorted to sharing their music by copying cassettes for their friends or selling them in local gigs. In that scenario, the cassette would have been recopied a number of times by a hundred people until it got to the right hands. On the other hand, those who worked in the music business had to go through a hard and extensive research, buying and borrowing large amounts of material, waiting for the next volume of a certain magazine to be available, and attending countless gigs. If this was the situation of trendier music genres, consider the case of alternative or underground music.

It is often said or thought that 30 or 40 years ago, music was plain compared to the elaborate sounds achieved by musicians these days; as a matter of fact, no one should ever forget that everything was incredibly difficult in comparison.